Printed books or digital?

Recent studies have shown that printed book sales have started to increase and digital book sales have been in decline.  That may be a surprising statistic for the “digital age”, but perhaps it is the amount of time that people spend on digital devices that has played a factor in this change.  If you want fresh printed titles, come on down to the library and see the numerous books we have for check out & for sale!  For more information on this trend, read the article here.

Magazines, Magazines, Magazines!


In this digital age of getting information we want with a tap of  a finger or click of a button, why would you want to sit down and flip through a magazine?  According to Andy Sernovitz, “Everyone needs fresh ideas. When you surf the web, you usually seek out the same stuff every time. Or you see the stuff your friends share.”  If you are looking for some specific topics, or haven’t picked up your favorite magazine in a while – chances are, it’s here at the library! We have a wide selection of magazines that just may be what you are looking for!  (A small 25 cent donations accepted per magazine.)

New Website!

As you can see, we have launched our new website for the Bemus Point Library!  We are excited to provide many new search features and links to the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System.

Enjoy the new features…and enjoy the updates that we will be posting soon!